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Is Your Website a Lead-Generating Machine…or a Brick?

If yours is like many business Websites, it

Doesn’t actually do much
Has everything you could think of in the mix
Loses a river of customers who look and leave

You may know that you need

A Clear Call to Action
Customer-Worthy Content
Effective Lead Capture

Maybe you are

Unsure what your website ought to do.
Frustrated that your site doesn’t get you business.

Ready to admit that your current site is not good enough.

Do you want a site that finally attracts people who WANT and NEED what YOU OFFER?

Then it’s time to get your online house in order!

Harrington Design’s Clean Sweep Consultation $375.00 includes:

1-hour, in-person consultation: lay out your business needs, get real about where you are now, look at your options
Expert, impartial, hard-hitting review of the biggest problems on your current site including how you rate against the “7 deadly sins” of service business websites.
Written plan of action that includes a step-by-step process for making your site better
(things like cleaning up your homepage, creating landing pages that lead to action, creating a “conversion funnel” that turns visitors into leads, testing your site and using web analytics to keep improving all the time, managing your online reputation, creating kickin’ good content (freebies, videos, testimonials, etc.), driving traffic to your site, email marketing,  creating a comprehensive plan tailored to your business that combines Web, social, email, print and advertising!)

BONUS Just for signing up to schedule an interview you’ll receive a free copy of our plain-talk guide to the 7-Deadly Sins of Service Business Websites to help you get your head in the game. Useful companion to our critique or use it to consult with your own web developer.

You have nothing to lose! Worst case, take everything we show you and hire someone else!

Why are we so single-focused on service business websites? After 15 years in marketing we’ve seen all the advertising and PR dollars (yes, that we’ve told clients to spend) and all those logo-sporting business cards and tee-shirts have been WASTED. Why? Because the client’s website can’t do its only job: convert visitors into leads.  We’ve been polite about it. Suggested that maybe they should tell their cousin’s friend’s son who designed the site, or the junior coders at ”BizSitePro” who sold them a one-size-fits-all web solution, to make some changes. We’ve been too nice. These sites are losing money every day and yet, nothing gets changed!

After scratching our heads about why businesses would allow themselves to just throw money away and ignore all the potential new business a great site could funnel their way, we decided to do something about it. We’re taking our own advice and focusing on the real need: turning service business Websites into lead-generation engines.

But first we have to hit some folks upside the head. Make them admit they have a problem first, then help them do something–really, finally do something–to fix it.

When was the last time you got a customer from your site? (Ever?) Yet you probably do business on the web yourself. Billions of dollars transact on the internet every year. But you are willing to take a near zero slice of the pie for your business?

Hmmm. Maybe not.

Then, when you drive visitors to your business Website with word-of-mouth referrals, paid advertising, Google searches or by any other means they are given everything they need to say “Yes, I’m interested” and you’re off to the races.


FOURTH QUARTER AVAILABILITY (October, November, December 2013)

Because our services are intensive and focused on helping our clients make rapid progress, we accept a limited number of clients each quarter. For the fourth quarter, 2013 we currently have 11 remaining consultations available. Please place your request as soon as possible to reserve your consultation for this tax year.

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