We remodel websites for service businesses so they really work to bring in new customers.

I’m a one-person professional shop with more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience who draws on a wide network of crazy-good talent from across the US and Canada to do whatever the project needs.



During the painful recession in 2010, I became a highly-experienced but jobless professional in search of what the heck to do next. My hybrid background (Marketing VP by way of  publishing, cartography, writing, group facilitation, design…) made me the perfect marketing generalist to help small companies. But small companies weren’t hiring.

So I hung out my shingle and began by helping clients with, well, anything they needed. It was a wonderful experience helping small businesses, craftsmen, artists and non-profits start or beef up their marketing and communications.


I found one area was consistently a problem for my clients. Their websites were, how should I put this, a mess. What can I say. Their sites were ugly, confusing, poorly structured, out of date. You’ve been to sites like this and wondered how they can be so clueless in today’s world.

I’ll tell you how. The owners made a financial and emotional investment in getting their current site. They can’t bear to change it. Maybe their nephew designed it on his way to college. Or they got sold by a we’ll-do-it-for-nearly-nothing developer. Or they did it themselves (extra ouch). They paid dearly with attention, effort and dollars for the lousy site.

So now they are very reluctant to reopen the website can-o-worms. Most claim their customers don’t use the site anyway. Uh-huh.


So, as a consultant I’d have to dance around the elephant in the room. I’d work on advertising, email-marketing, PR and the like instead of the real problem. Mind you this other stuff is all good. This stuff is important. But it’s kind of like adding a sweater to keep warm when you don’t have pants on. Not to mention people can see what’s showing.


Fast forward to now. Harrington Design is taking this head-in-the-sand nonsense full on. We are focused on helping clients build clean, highly usable Websites, sites that make visitors happy and eager to become customers. [The copyeditors in the crowd surely noticed that I’ve switched  from “me” to “we”. Yes, I’ve got a great network of talent from across the US and Canada who can hop on projects to lend their special skills as needed. It’s a wonderful world we live in!]


But first, I have to tell potential clients about their no-pants thing. I have to get their attention and gently deliver the bad news. Chances are, if you’re reading this you’re feeling a little chill down yonder and know you have a problem.

Don’t worry one bit! I can get you suited up pronto. I’ll take an honest look at your Website to see what’s not working. I’ll give you ideas about how to make it work so much better and show you how to get there.


Here’s my pitch: I offer a new-client, one-hour consultation. I’ll look under the hood at your website and you’ll fill me in about your business. I’ll give you a bunch of great ideas. Then, you can hire me or take my ideas and walk. Use the ideas with another developer or however you wish. Zero obligation. You have nothing to lose. Except that nagging discomfort about your Website and the breeze around your knees.


Ready to take the next step? Come on, let’s talk!

Let’s Talk About My Website

As my gift to you, I’ll give you a FREE copy of  my “7 Deadly Sins of Business Websites”  a hard-hitting look at the most damaging ways a site can mess up.

Here’s to your success!

Marcia Harrington, MFA, owner of Harrington Design.